El Estanciero is the magazine of friends and the good life at La Estancia de Cafayate available in print and online beginning in March 2014. The magazine’s editorial cornerstones feature lifestyle, food & wine, sporting, community and real estate and will be published twice per year with an autumn and spring edition. This magazine is also for those who wish to become acquainted with the rich lifestyle of Estancieros.

Celebrating 10 Years – Special Edition 2017

The magazine of friends and the good life at La Estancia de Cafayate celebrates the property’s 10 year anniversary.  This issue highlights the past decade from vision to current day.


Winter 2016

The magazine of friends and the good life at La Estancia de Cafayate celebrates it’s 5th issue showcasing the incredible homes of La Estancia as well as a visitor’s guide to our quaint winemaking village, Cafayate.


Summer 2016

We are pleased to release the fourth issue of El Estanciero, which aims at sharing our incredibly rich lifestyle we all enjoy. The feature story, Epic Wines of 2015 shares Robert Parker’s wine top picks from the Calchaqui Valley region. We share what happened at the much anticipated event, Cafayate Uncorked this past November. And, the Andean Bounty story shares the top regional ingredients and what to do with them. Get in touch with La Estancia’s developer, Juan Romero to find out what’s coming soon to the property. Cheers to the the best in 2016!


Autumn 2015

In the third issue of El Estanciero, we bring to you the incredible lifestyle of Estancieros once again.  Our feature story, Exploring our Sacred Grounds offers details on hiking in and around the Calchaqui Valley.  The Master Plan Update shares developers insights and givse you an overall update of the property today and what is to come.  Also, an interesting interview from real estate investor and new Estanciero, Glenn Estrabillo tells you why he chose La Estancia to enjoy life.  We hope you enjoy the issue.


Spring 2014

In this issue of El Estanciero, we are proud to continue to share the incredible vineyard lifestyle of Estancieros.  Our feature stories offer information on how to build a home you’ll love at La Estancia written by master planner and architect Jack Zehren, rediscovering our off the beaten track destination, Cafayate, and a peak inside some of La Estancia’s most elegant kitchens. All of this and much more is to in the second edition of this issue.

Autumn 2014

In this issue of El Estanciero, we have uncovered the top authentic experiences within the property as well as this year’s must-try wines of Cafayate. We have showcased one of the many new homes at La Estancia which has a modern yet authentic feel.  In addition, the magazine showcases a highlight of social happenings throughout the past months. The magazine features photography by award-winning Isaias Miciu & Eliseo Miciu.